Laser Periodontal Surgery

Dental lasers may be used for virtually every type of gum surgery. This first case is a kidney-transplant patient who takes a drug (cyclosporine) to prevent rejection of the kidney. Many other types of drugs also do this – including calcium-channel blockers, used to control high blood pressure, and dilantin, used to prevent seizures in epileptic patients. One side effect of this drugs is the overgrowth of the gum tissue that you see here. Rather than using a scalpel to cut away the gum tissue, the laser is used to gently vaporize the excess tissue.

Photo #1 photo shows a 27 year old kidney transplant patient immediately before laser surgery.
Photo #2 shows the same patient 2 weeks later, after healing of the gums
This second case of laser gum surgery shows a frenectomy. The frenum is a muscle that sometimes causes recession of the gum tissue. A close look at photo #3 shows the gum tissue around the left front tooth is being pulled away from the tooth. Photo #4shows the area 2 weeks after the frenum is repositioned with the laser. Note that the tissue around the left front tooth is now back in a normal position. Frenectomies are also done very often in children during orthodontic treatment in order to help close spaces. Another laser frenectomy case can be seen on the lasers in esthetic dentistry page.

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