Laser Assisted Porcelain Veneers

Lasers are routinely used to make good cosmetic dentistry into magnificent cosmetic dentistry.

In photo # 1, the patient’s lower left canine tooth was misaligned behind the other teeth. Rather than undergoing orthodontic treatment, the patient chose to have a porcelain veneer placed on the tooth to “move” the tooth into correct alignment. In order to make the porcelain veneer the correct size and shape to create the ideal new look, the gum tissue around the tooth had to be re-sculpted. Photo # 2 shows the patient 2 weeks after laser resculpting of the gum tissue and placement of the porcolein veneer.
Photo #1 shows a patient with uneven lower front teeth. The gum tissue, which should follow a gentle curve from tooth to tooth is also uneven and jagged. Photo #2 shows the patient two weeks after laser gum resculpting and placement of porcelain veneers to make the smile more ideal.